Videos eh. Who would have thought ? Back in the old dialup modem days there was no chance of getting a video to stream. Isn’t progress just an amazing thing. Much easier to keep people locked in a sense of slavery these days. The screens will kill you. 😉

Of course we needed to experiment and create a process to add videos to the DIRECTORY FRAME tool set to make it complete. Although we have a VIMEO and a YOUTUBE version we start off with just one.

Time people. Time is the enemy.

YouTube Gallery

Video is pretty big. We wanted to create a stand alone TAB which would allow a simplistic process of embedding YOUTUBE (Vimeo Follows) videos directly to a SINGLE POST.

On the front end, the tab is pretty simple and adds up to 6 videos (demo site) in the tab, with the player popping up and allowing to view the videos without leaving the SINGLE POST url.

See screengrabs below

Youtube WordPress Gallery Tab

Youtube Player in WordPress TAB


Checking The Backend

The ‘backend’ consists of an OBJECT and of course the SHORT CODE added to the WORDPRESS TABS PLUGIN admin panel.

I have added these in the same sequence below.

See screengrabs below

Yoiutube Object WP Tabs

There is some code active in the HOSHTOKOLOSH theme itself, but these can be ‘extracted’ for a standalone function once we release the plugin for download.

YouTuve Tabs


Submitting YouTube to WordPress Tabs

Of course it only becomes a dynamic tool if we can create a process to search & submit YOUTUBE data to said single post.

Check. We have a plugin that works with FORMIDABLE PRO to do just that. Check WP CUSTOM DIRECTORY for updates.

See screengrabs below


The submit form. LIVE LINK HERE

Just head over to the LIVE LINK HERE and try for yourself. It’s a bit nifty 😉