Four years ago, maybe more …. it gets confusing …. Rob decided to ‘hack’ something together to display some content in directory frameworks. Using tabs. It was a real gem and we shelved it for a couple of years whilst life happened. So, here we are in February 2017. Let’s begin with some background.

The concept was pretty simple. Different SINGLE POST in whatever POST TYPE must share the option to display different tabs with content. Like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. (if relevant and required).

Secondly, we don’t want empty tabs. No data, no tab.

Pictures & Words

It’s easier to explain with a visual reference, so we used our theme in development currently, HOSHTOKOLOSH and created a quick demo domain to showcase the ability of the plugin, with submission to the backend to ‘load’ the data.

In doing so we might have found someone that wanted to use the domain for a project they had in mind, so the whole thing took on an additional ‘angle’.

To make sense (in a way) let me break down the basics as far as the WORDPRESS TABS PLUGIN is concerned.

We used THREE post types in the demo.

There is the CASTLES – the CENOTAPHS and VETERAN SUPPORT ‘sections’. Nothing tricky there.

Let’s look at the tabs on each.


Wales Castle Tabs

The LIVE LINK is here.

TABS : Intro, Info, Location, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook & memo.


cenotaph tabs

The LIVE LINK is here.

TABS : Intro, Info, Location, Gallery


veteran supports

The LIVE LINK is here.

TABS : Details, Info, Location, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & memo.

Mention Formidable & Submission

We use a premium WP PLUGIN called FORMIDABLE PRO for all of the data entry submission from the WP front end.

To be able to make the tabs work we had to create some individual objects for wordpress, as well as a submission process.

I will touch on these as I progress with this background information, as well as the subsequent ‘tutorial’ once the plugin is finalized and released for download.

For a start, THIS LINK will show you the three different forms to submit the data to the current tabs.

Initially thus I have shown you the links to where different tabs are, and quickly touched on submission options from frontend WordPress.

I will over the next week (9 Feb 2017 today) add individual posts about all the existing tabs and detail them, as well as their individual submission process.

SUFFICE TO SAY the creation of new tabs are dynamic, and any collection of data associated to posts can in essence be turned into their own tab.