Another day, another project. The WP CUSTOM DIRECTORY domain is not actually a directory, for a change. It is in fact an opportunity for us to publish some of the WP CUSTOM PLUGINS we create and make available for downloading. Contrary to popular belief, it’s hard work to maintain and manage digital products. So here goes.

The site will open towards September / October 2016. It will of course NOT be fully loaded with everything we are actively using and bet testing yet, but will increase in content during the remainder of 2016 and start taking shape in 2017. We have a couple of years worth of development and custom WP add ons we can share, so the issue is in ensuring clean code before we make more downloads available.

Make A Custom WP Directory

Before we dig into detail I need to clarify that the tools we create aren’t for the exclusive use on LINK DIRECTORY / WEB DIRECTORY / BUSINESS DIRECTORY sites. When you use WordPress as a power site, with lists of data in various categories and / or post types with additional taxonomy filter features – you will find useful tools on our download repository.

We focus on modules, rather than a one size fits all approach. Even once a module is available this doesn’t signal the end of an opportunity. We can ALWAYS modify / edit / hack what we have to create a custom solution for any interested party.

To start the project off in September we can’t focus on all of the modules currently in use on some of our web development projects. Sadly, we have to be a bit more selective and focus what we offer to get the ball rolling.

But, it’s a start eh 🙂

Formidable Pro – Power To WP Users

The first DIRECTORY FRAME I mentioned was UPVC DIRECTORY. In the first instance I referred to CUSTOM WORDPRESS PLUGINS utilized to make that niche keyword WordPress Directory function. There were three specific add ons which were enhancements to go with the FORMIDABLE PRO plugin. Although these are still in beta and final tests are ongoing, we have a number of add ons for the FP PRO plugin.

It only seemed fitting that we start a section on the WP CUSTOM DIRECTORY project that would list all of our add ons to enhance FORMIDABLE PRO.

As such we are opening the new project in September with the first four of these add ons listed.

They are :

Whilst each one of these add ons have an individual download page (linked above) you should visit my rambling section where I explain the current use (with live demo links) as well.

Make sure to check out our CUSTOM WP PLUGINS section on THIS blog.

And So Forth …..

The WP CUSTOM DIRECTORY domain will also feature generic WordPress plugins and various XML files we have created into custom taxonomy base files. For a start the focus is on getting the domain open and accessible to users, and we will continue to populate the domain with creative & innovative downloads.

For a start we have added our own version of screen grab function called SCREENSHOT MACHINE. We struggled from the early days to get a stable version of this working. Since this has been active on a number of domains and we must have easily exceeded 50k grabs it is a stable plugin to start the category for WORDPRESS PLUGINS with.

The XML files we offer as downloads is for example a UK TAXONOMY list and a GLOBAL country list. Simple to deploy on any WordPress site.

I will update THIS blog as we progress with additional plugins. Make sure you check out the WP CUSTOM PLUGINS section.

Beyond 2017 – In Development

I should actually not say IN DEVELOPMENT – more like in the workshop to finalize some of the already functioning tools.

Quick mention for TWO amazing add ons we will be releasing in 2017. Google Map It & WordPress Search Pro.

Not saying much, follow their links for details. 🙂