You will need a WordPress self hosted install to make TwitterBot work. You can run it within your existing WP install, or use a fresh sub folder or sub domain install.

I have tested and is currently using those three options for live testing and all runs fine, from a base WP theme (2016) to a premium theme option I have suffered no conflicts as yet.

Download and install / activate the plugin within your WP install.

WordPress Admin Panel

I am using THIS LINK as the active install for this DEMO account.

First thing you will notice in the WP admin panel is a new item in the sidebar called TwitterBot.


When you click to add a new WORDPRESS TWITTERBOT you will see the options and settings panel like the screen grab below.

WordPress TwitterBot Panel Admin

Too Many Options – Break It Down

I am not going to detail every setting and option in one go. It will take a good couple of articles and posts to enhance this tutorial to run through all these.

The WORDPRESS TWITTERBOT is now installed and active. The TWITTER account is setup and I have my first THREE API keys which will allow me to create 9 tasks (or individual bots) to start tweeting and engaging from the DEMO account.

Next step (3) will be to ‘test fire’ the bot and check your ‘connection’ with your TWITTER account is active. Let’s do this 😉