Ah. Wales. Land of mystery. Long story how I ended up living in Celtland – suffice to say I am here now ! Leaving the ‘digital project’ in Southern Africa on pause whilst I ‘discovered’ Twitter was only a 20 month diversion.

Have to backtrack to Feb 2015 when the madness started. After messing around for 4 months, this idea of building an ‘automated framework’ on Twitter started to formulate.

No details, just a concept and very little data to help me speed up the process. But as my wife will tell you …. I am stubborn 🙂

Wales Daily Framework

The requirement was simple at first, but over the months I added additional features and tools to turn the start off concept into a huge marketing machine. Although “automated” the management of 100 Twitter accounts however turned into a huge investment in time.

I wanted to create a network of bots that would trawl Twitter 24/7/365 and find me all the data shared on this platform about Wales. If possible, I wanted to create some ‘channels’ and funnel this data to the correct ‘channels’ to collate specific niche feeds.

Focused on place names and location hashtags to create a country specific framework. Wales is relatively small and the available data was actually very quick to start ‘mining’.

So I made this ‘pyramid’ style network of accounts to ‘feed’ each other with location related content. To make it nicer to display I filtered out the content without images. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

I made in excess of 120 different accounts and have tested variables & progress with all of them at some stage.

Offers a unique opportunity to ‘socially network’ counties (eg Conwy County) – regions (eg Snowdonia) and even a bigger region (eg North Wales) into an automated data feed with no human emotion as such deciding who gets an RT when. Clinical. No opinion.

And people follow because the data is valuable to them. Not because I followed them. Because I shared THEIR content. Simple. Free.

The Daily Graft

As you can imagine the management aspect of 100 plus Wales accounts is a lot to do. I created these accounts & framework to make a digital product. Something I can package together and offer to people who are keen on Social Media Marketing, or bulk account management.

I am not much of a ‘people person’ so the concept is definitely NOT to work the framework to offer Social Media Marketing. I’ll leave that to the professionals in Wales.

But you can help yourself by TRIGGERING an automated #RT yourself.

I will share the link below where you can get all the active ‘trigger’ hashtag for any account. These will continue to have minimal account management. I gain nothing in the process, and those that want to use it can do so for free.

I use the account @Free2Network to answer any queries or deal with any issues / offences people might have from the ‘machines’ sharing Wales.

Each and every account, including additional ones, can be integrated to make this frame larger as and when. I think the point is fairly obvious in what benefit they could offer communities at large.

If you have an interest to take ‘ownership’ of an account (or even multiple) give me a nudge. I won’t be developing any further as far as ‘Social Media Marketing’ is concerned.

I would be too happy to assist in any development / community focused ideas you have. This is FREE via DigiHub Wales as a Community Interest Company. ***

*** The only requirement is to place the pro active approach in your own hands. I ain’t chasing you 😉

For commercial enquiries, get your cheque book ready. No tire kickers.

There will be some additional features created and tested through 2017. You will find updates from time to time on this blog.

Thanks Wales. I found my epic in 2016. Some links below.

Some Links – Wales @ Twitter Frame

So ALL the information you could possibly require is on TWEETPRESS DOT CO. You must read the BLOG POST ABOUT TWEETPRESS as it offers some additional features.

But to USE any WALES Twitter accounts yourself, here are some key links below.

PS. Easy to BLOCK people which ABUSE the system. PLAY NICE !


By far the most undeveloped section of Wales. It started North. For once, dare I say 😉

LINK HERE – click the INFO tab to see as below.



The main reason there are so much more opportunity here is the BOTTOM LAYER of the pyramid has been added. Towns itself like COLWYN BAY.

These haven’t been added in MID & SOUTH WALES.

LINK HERE – click the INFO tab to see as below.

North Wales


There are some additional channels for use. Please just be aware that these are PRO ACTIVELY monitored & SPAM attempts will be BLOCKED across the whole framework. Don’t do it. 😉

LINK HERE – click the INFO tab to see as below.

wales specials

Enquiries / Support / Moan ?

You can use @Free2Network to socially engage, or use the CONTACT page.