WordPress. What a toolset. Simple process. Every time you publish content on a WP site, you can easily ‘trigger’ a multitude of functionality – every time content goes to status : PUBLISH. Quite a simple, unelegeant – but effective approach to run some crons eh.

Add an ability to reset the published content back to draft, especially with 168 time zones in a week and some creative ability can be PRESSED. 😉 Now, where can we find some API keys & an audience to test some WordPress tools. Let’s try Twitter 😉

TweetPress + Bots + Inject

To manage a couple of tools on a single WordPress install …. so the remit said. Was approached by this dude who wanted some very specific ability for something he is doing. We discussed some ideas and set to work to create a solution for him. The tools worked so well so we invested a little time and came up with a WP toolset which can do some magic stuff.

You should read the individual posts on these ‘products’ for more details, as here I will only share some of the backend of the site itself, not how all the tools work specifically.

Some additional elements are in beta still, so let me just share the backend of an ‘engine install’ and only refer to the finalized ‘stuff’. I’ll keep posting updates on THIS blog.

Every TWITTER account we have used to beta with has an individual engine installed. My TWITTER ACCOUNT is the same. The ‘engine’ is installed here. NS MADENZA

CTRL CMD – Desktop Mode

So in the backend …..




Check the TWEETPRESS domain for the interface to send data to every individual account. When sent, it populates custom post type TWEETPRESS and slots the content into the AUTO POST frame.

We used a FREE WORDPRESS PLUGIN at first …

Auto Post Scheduler

Then added a module for additional time control.

Time Scheduling

Same for FACEBOOK & G+ but that’s a story for another day.

Injecting Queries Live

Check out the post on INJECT QUERIES for details, but the backend on the engine is like this ….

Inject Query

CTRL CMD – Desktop Mode

We tested these elements across 200 Twitter Accounts over the last 18 months. Whilst there is more that can be done, and more dynamic requests you can shake a stick at …

We have some new remits and will not be focusing on development of variations of our toolset ….. only for client requirements.

Give us a shout if you can find synergy with your requirements.