Twitter yes. Having spent some time making WordPress ‘tools’ for Twitter it was obvious we would utilize data already available to add some value to any data published. It’s there. Use it. It’s free.

We have two ‘flavours’ which works in a similar way. The first being an embedded TWITTER FEED WIDGET in a tab. The second being the TWITTER MEMO TAB (embedding a moment eh) 😉

Like I often say, it is only COPY PASTE technology.

Front End Twitter Tab

The front end of the tab is nothing special. In fact, as this is generated on TWITTER itself, there is very little required to make this work.

You can EMBED a moment via Twitter.

Create a moment. Publish it. Grab the embed code.

See screengrabs below



The Tab Itself ?

Simple. Once you have the embed code and have ‘activated’ the TAB fro your post front end it looks like this.

Screengrab below.



Checking The Backend

You should be familiar with the scenario if you have checked out any of the other TABS published here.

We need the TWO elements to make the tabs work. OBJECT and the TAB SHORTCODE.

See screengrab below OBJECT

twitter memo object

See screengrab below TAB SHORTCODE


Submitting via Form

Similar to the TWITTER TAB the process of submission is exactly the same.

See screengrab below

twitter submit memo