Beta testing hey. What a pain that can be. When you ‘create’ something ‘digital’ there is always the need to make sure the ‘something’ actually works. Testing it once ain’t any good. Even twice. But if we could replicate the recipe three times, we should have some data to analyze. Enter the #TwitterBot concept. Let’s test this WordPress plugin.

That said, I chose a number of hashtags and keyword queries that is quite active on Twitter – and set up the first TWITTER account which would run on full auto 24/7/365 (little down time for tweaks now and then).

And we are off.

Wales Buzz

Sure, I live in Wales. Beautiful place, but as far as digital go trapped in a forgotten era. Whilst ‘local’ business as far as stuff like Artificial Intelligence go 😉 isn’t in any demand, I am lucky to be close to England. HA 😉

But that doesn’t stop from putting a Welsh flavour on demo accounts and for beta testing. In fact, it can be quite funny.

So, Wales BUZZ. Fires a random selection of hashtag queries, filtered to only RT tweet content with images.

That’s it. Nothing major. A simple setup.

I took a SCREEN GRAB of what notifications * and activity ) the TWITTERBOT generates in a day.


And the account LINK as it currently stands.

It did OK, was growing and looked like the setup performed.

So let’s do it again, and tweak the system a little bit.

Africa – Saffa Buzz

One of our new frameworks for 2017 will be in Africa. So it seemed only fair that we also allow BUZZ to visit Africa.

SAFFA BUZZ – set up a couple of weeks later, reduced ‘speed’ and bit more focus. Different time schedule that WALES but all in all, replicated.

ACCOUNT LINK here and some tweets below.

Compare the stats ie tweets to followers ratio and you will notice a slight improvement 😉

Level Three – POM BUZZ

Of course with most of the UK demographics we will focus on ‘digitally’ living in England, we have a project set up in the interim. Even if this project only reaches maturity towards 2018 it matters little to get the ball rolling so long.


Tweaked slightly so much, same framework as SAFFA BUZZ really – with a timing schedule modification – doing the same thing.

We need some time to elapse to gather all the feedback data so that we can analyse and plan for a ‘live’ project, where we are not just experimenting.

I will update THIS blog at some later stage re these three – in the meantime, account tweets below for POM BUZZ