Location. Location Location. You could not have missed the slight obsession we have with maps. There is another ‘directory’ concept project ready for deployment in South Africa. Ready yes, but lacking time to get the ball rolling. At least, the tools have been made & tested.

The ‘issue’ for specifically Southern Africa is the lack in ability for Google to geocode an address to provide an exact location of where that address is. So it can be very complex to find and place pins on listings in Southern Africa. We made a concept project and tested it quite comprehensively especially the integration with Twitter. As soon as I get a moment, this project will be live and start the ball rolling with a mobile, and social platform approach to geocode locations.

Geocode Your Tweet

It started with a mad concept. Can I just tweet something, and in the sequence add an address to ultimately pin that specific tweet to a geocoded location for that address ? That was quite an ask. So we set of with my WordPress framework in mind and started to create a backend that would be able to publish a tweet. Not too complex. Lots of embed functionality available as standard.

The challenge came with creating a tweet with a text sequence where you can lift the data and end that to geocode to find the pin location. That was all fine and dandy but still offers no real option to categorize ‘submissions’ into something which can be a searchable option. So we needed to add some sort of ‘category filter – or maybe even an a taxonomy. Or both.

Messed around a bit more with the TWEET SEQUENCE as such and came up with something that read like this :

#MYOWNHASHTAG Trafalgar Square, Westminster, London WC2N 5DN 5/10 {Add own text and image}

Let me explain the sequence quickly, and you will spot the logic (even if illogical)

Riddle Me This – What Details ?

#MYOWNHASHTAG – using our TWITTERBOT WP plugin we can use #Twitter search API and grab our own hashtag to trigger the functionality.

Trafalgar Square, Westminster, London WC2N 5DN – add the string which you want to geocode *

5/10 – trigger the category or taxonomy grouping. These will be pre defined.

** * Also possible to tweet exact lat long coordinates – bit messy to get data on mobile device 🙁

Simple. Logic for an African. Tested the framework on a couple of projects that will use some element of this functionality in the backend. Quite a lot come to think of it.

But let me explain the TIEKIEBOX MADNESS aspect and specifically South Africa.

South Africa Directory

With the coming of new domain extensions I found SOUTH AFRICA DIRECTORY a good choice. We will deploy & configure this domain before the end of 2016 and create something quite unique for our LOCAL ‘ninja agent’ in SAFFA land. Having access to VOIP here in the UK and landline calls to South Africa is an all inclusive feature of my subscription I wanted to use call phones in South Africa extensively to get in touch with my LOCAL assassin. (It’s a joke people, no need to call the police)

We wanted a process to map & store potential contact locations and the whole ‘thing’ kinda whirlwinded into an idea.

We decided to beta test the whole system locally, including a DETECT MY LOCATION feature within mobile access opportunity as well. Expect me to write quite a number of posts on this project when we go live as it allows for a lot of unique and creative opportunity in my beloved Wales. Even across the border with the enemy in England, dare I say 😉

There is a little more already done, but that’s more applicable in one of our ‘adult content’ projects. You can read CHOP SUM BONG of you are over 18.

I will update on THIS blog when there is some progress to report.