TwitterBot is now ready, installed with an account set up to test. Time to dig in and ‘test fire’ the system on manual to check all is well.

Nothing too complex, we will just be adding the first set of API keys, add a query and use the ‘manual’ approach to PUBLISH and test the bot.

Once we know this element is working I will set up the first THREE bots using some of the dynamic timing options.

Copy Paste Technology

Lots of CTRL C & CTRL V to follow. First step is to add your API keys to the ‘boxes’ below. I referred to these API keys here if you needed additional info.

TwitterBot WordPress API keys

Once you have completed this, save the draft and let’s add a basic query to the ‘system’.

I opted for a hashtag to retweet, but specified it must have an image attached to the tweet to qualify.

#operationnetsafe filter:twimg

TwitterBot Test Fire query

As this serves only to ‘test the connection’ I am not detailing the ‘blacklist / whitelist’ options as yet. Will do so when adding future bots.

Patience 😉

TwitterBot Settings

Not going into these settings as yet, will do when setting queries properly. For time being just TESTING the CONNECTION.

The screen grab below show my settings before I PUBLISH the TwitterBot.

Test TwitterBot Publish

So good to go. I publish the post and the following tweet was added to my timeline. Doh. Refresh your homepage and the cron will fire the process 😉

Connected – Let’s Do Bots

Great. All is working and connected.

That was the easy part.

Let me now setup, configure and make the first 9 bots work on this install, and run through all the varied settings in a post by post type tutorial.

The settings will become clear, as well as the functionality you can expect from using a WORDPRESS TWITTERBOT for your Social Media persona (s).

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