Snowdonia Distillery. I was lucky enough to get a chance to showcase the ability of using HOSHTOKOLOSH as a framework when a premium WordPress theme developed an error and wouldn’t function any more. As the site was already ‘designed’ it was a case of moving CSS and applying some enhanced functionality.

Our only involvement with this project is only in a technical capacity for delivering what a client had already done. We only applied their design, and addressed technical compliance to make the site function as per client request. We are not designers 😉 The client has a much better eye than myself.

Plugin to object ‘function’

Specifically two functionality ‘issues’ which we had never integrated before was addressed in this project. The first being Woo Commerce and the second a ‘custom plugin’ the client uses for designing the content layout etc.

The HOSHTOKOLOSH framework required the plugin ‘functionality’ to be crafted into an object. This way the full functionality, or individual elements become a huge ‘drag and drop’ exercise, once integrated. All potential ‘templates’ needs replicating and added as objects to get the layout sorted. In the case of WOO COMMERCE there is the SINGLE PRODUCT page which comes to mind.

Woo Commerce Template

We missed a mini cart function for the project, so we added our own version. This will be available as a download from WP CUSTOM DIRECTORY at some stage later 2016 / 2017. Suffice to say it works, and has been crafted to support our own HOSHTOKOLOSH theme in the first instance. **

** I did test the mini cart function with default WP themes and a WooCommerce install and it worked fine 🙂

That said and done, all was working and currently the site functions well in taking and processing online orders.

The second plugin which needed to be integrated was a PREMIUM PLUGIN the client purchased, and whilst I would like to explain the issues we faced, the PLUGIN itself could be seen as a NON SAFE option, so I won’t dig into details here.

Suffice for my purpose here to mention the complication, and that it was successfully resolved & integrated.

Designer vs Technical

Let me have my little ‘rant’ and try to explain the reason, in my mind any way, what is holding back business online in my Wales.

There are web designers under every rock. Every second ‘guy’ opens a website claiming to be a fully fledged web designer, some even claiming to be web developers.

DESIGN is the aspect that would involve GRAPHICS. A professional web representation would involve someone with either a PSD image to be converted to HTML and CSS – or an already converted set of CSS rules and an image ‘chopped’ to HTML.

Using a standard theme (premium or not) is NOT design. No really. 😉

Once the design is done with, there comes the issue of ensuring technical compliance to assure everything you can see is actually functioning.

The WEB DEVELOPMENT aspect comes into play now. If a functionality isn’t there, or the version your ‘web guy’ is using is not doing the job – you need to reach out to someone that can CODE the solution and integrate this into your existing framework.

Alas, I have seen a number of £5k sites which sadly was never designed, never technically compliant and the functionality the client requested in their remits were never adhered to.

So be it. It’s not my problem. Merely an observation.

Level Up – More Projects

Chris (the client) is a very active entrepreneur and have a couple of additional projects he is working on at the same time. It isn’t my place to elaborate on these projects.

It does however give me great confidence to know that the initial project I helped him achieve satisfied his stringent demand and as such we are now involved (technically) im migrating some of his designs and remits into additional HOSHTOKOLOSH projects.

I will elaborate on these projects as we get done, and Chris allows me to share details.

Keep an eye on this BLOG for further DISTILLED news 😉