Framework. Network. Call it what you like. One of the purposes of using Social Media is to attract users to your user profile, and hopefully click to your domain from shared content, or indeed your social landing page. With this in mind, and with a healthy focus on location as a wordpress taxonomy, I made this thing that ticks along nicely. Using WordPress 🙂

There is SO MUCH data being thrown around on the social “war scene” that it beggars belief why social platforms like FACEBOOK & TWITTER don’t offer users more functionality to filter out noise.

Sure, you can mute or block but micro networking on social seems a bit self defeatist to me.

Location Location Location

People trying to promote or share their information about location specific ‘business’ or any social / community / tourist activity in that location, use hashtags for that ‘area’ or at minimum name the place.

This is an excellent filter to focus on if your ambition is some marketing ability within that location. I would think local pubs, restaurants and take aways for instance.

And as it is social, people that live at [LOCATION] want to also share & know what is happening at said [LOCATION].

So let’s automate this concept into something ‘live’ so we can road test it.

SkyNet In Wales – The Machines

It has taken some months to make this concept into a framework that we can at least demo, if not pro actively use it daily. So we made a three level ‘pyramid’ system to use TWITTER API and filter to top level accounts on as automated as we could possibly get.

Three levels ? Bit too much or what ? We had to work out a more comprehensive system of allowing / disallowing terms used and or users specifically. In depth. Months. Madness.

But we can filter to perfection thereby generating a very clinical data feed on TWITTER. On Auto Pilot. In WordPress.

What would people do with more followers, more impressions, better engagement rates and overall improved analytics ? I have no idea, I find the whole ‘social media scene’ a bit challenging when you use sarcasm more than fifteen times a day. 😉

I know for one thing, some SMM professionals would like to claim it is their own ability, not that of a computer script. But that is a story for another day. Dave, go back to sleep.

Every level allows the ability to control any number of ‘robots’ locked into a specific twitter account. These robots are not mystical, or complex to understand. They are just like ‘assistants’ which you can ‘program’ to perform basic tasks.

Search for THIS KEYWORD / HASHTAG. Filter out blacklisted TERMS and / or USERS. Did you find any matching my request? Yes ! WOOP. RETWEET them please.

So simple. Look at COLWYN BAY DAILY (my home town eh) as an EXAMPLE of a level 3 in the pyramid.

Level Up – Collating Soldiers

So let’s move up a level and look at CONWY COUNTY DAILY as an example. If you look at the ‘people’ that is being followed, you will ‘meet’ all the level 3 fellas 😉

This account, CONWY COUNTY DAILY ‘feeds’ from the level 3 ‘people’ and RETWEETS these, as well as additional random queries to their own TWITTER timeline. I think of it as collating the feed, whilst allowing for another opportunity to FILTER what level 3 are actually providing.

Whilst for WALES this is a bit excessive, it provided the perfect geography and demographic to build a test bed before we focus on the commercial ideas we have. Sort of a dry run. Which is ironic in itself. As it is rarely dry in Wales. But that is a story for another day 😉

That said and done, these level 2 ‘guys’ can also be collated, and used to feed the top level. So as an example, check out NORTH WALES DAILY.

This account collates data from all of the level 2 accounts covering the location NORTH WALES. It also offers a couple of unique queries to keep the data flowing.

Yet again, we get another opportunity to filter the feed.

Do What You Want – Dynamic Framework

We have made but rarely used the GENERAL. The TOP TOP level which can also be automated, or you could use the data and offer engagement and re sharing content to the relevant levels below.

You can even semi automate how this account can re filter content down to level 2 and 3. Simply by using HASHTAGS – with the option of white listing some accounts to keep the data flow really ace.

So WALES DAILY was only activated again in mid September 2016 – and it isn’t really used to offer any service. We are NOT Social Media Marketing professionals. #JustSaying

You should be able to formulate an idea of how these accounts work together, which functionality they have and how all these work together from the wonderful & weird content in THIS blog 😉

In short, everything is so flexible that you could ‘chase’ any keyword, more followers or profile visits by using a framework of machines. Once programmed they just deliver. All the time. Never sleeps. Never needs food. Never needs pay. Just work. Slavery is no more thank God, but machines are not humans. 24/7/365

Get some 🙂

Clean the feeds. Get the clicks.

Happy hunting !