Twitterbot ? Enough of the babble already, time to show you what actual ‘bots’ look like in the WP admin panel, and what they actually ‘do’ when the system is running on auto pilot.

If you have followed the articles 1 – 7 for the TAG WORDPRESS TWITTERBOT you should have an idea of how to ‘set’ a bot.

To make it easier to visualize, I have added some bots, grabbed the screens & details – listed below.

Knock Knock

Who is there ? It’s a server, reacting to a cron 😉


First up. Make a list on your twitter account. Now set a bot to RETWEET from that list. What ? It means, subject to your time settings, the bot will retweet what is available from that specific list. The query looks like this.


TOP TIP : If you wanted to ONLY RT content with images you would change the query to read like this.

list:PoliceBotWales/main-police-units filter:twimg

Tweeting From Lists

So, this bot – executed by WP CRON – fires ONCE every 4 hours. It trawls the available tweets up to 20 deep, selects 4 only, and retweets those tweets on that list. Jumping back to the TWEETDECK I have set up I can VISUALIZE how often and how deep I have to set the bot by what is actually available.

FOOTNOTE : You cannot use the BLACKLIST NAMES feature when tweeting from lists. TWITTER API is giving us some opposition to the idea. HOWEVER – if you use the BLACKLISTED TERMS and paste the user name in the space provided, it does the job 😉


In the same way we are using LISTS we can also use the SEARCH API and formulate a query for the bot. Let me show you the next example.

Looking to find tweets, for the LIVE DEMO account INSPECTOR BOT that contains both words WALES & POLICE. As the Australians also have a NEW SOUTH WALES I should be able to remove their content from the search by removing all tweets with the word NEW in it. The query looks like this.

Wales police -new filter:twimg

As you can see I have filtered for IMAGE TWEETS only. Settings below.


Same time settings as the first sample, but using the TWEETDECK as a ‘visualization tool’ you should be able to marry the TIME as well as depth crawled and number of tweets to RT to maximise impact with some experimenting. It is dynamic simple to adjust to your specific requirements.


I got tired of LIKING tweets where you are mentioned, and especially on automated accounts which I never log in to, it became apparent I needed to automate some level of ‘engagement’.

Below is the screen grab of the BOT SETTINGS where I do nothing but monitor my mentions, and like them.

WP Twitterbot LIKE

Notice the time settings is to run once an hour, crawl an hour deep and react hourly thus. Albeit an illusion (as Social Media Marketing is) – quite effective to create the concept that you are always ‘online’ 🙂


This option is totally dynamic, down to your own choice as such. I have set a couple of time rules, and attached the screen grab below.

FOOTNOTE : For every bot you create a new time rule to START – you have to turn it OFF matching your CRON speed.

Example : My cron is set to 5 minutes. To ‘fire’ a bot once only at a specific time, turn it ON and then turn it OFF again 5 minutes later. Currently we have set the interval as default to 5 minutes, but should there be requirements to add 60 options we can do so.

WordPress TwitterBot Advanced Timing

Please note the setting has been changed to reflect the ADVANCED TIMING.

Pre Sales FAQ

There is an FAQ page where I will answer any questions about specific settings (where possible).

I will sample and screen grab to display additional requests on this page. FAQ PAGE

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