Frequent Twitter user ? You must have noticed the sponsored links that come through your feed from the Round Team crew. So did I. So I went to check out what they do, what they offer and how users are engaging with their services. Simplicity – a bot that trawls specifically as users assign and retweets queries. That’s the core as I understand.

Regardless the specific details, I understood the logic and saw the benefit this feature can create in the illusion that is Twitter. So we set down with the API and decided to try and replicate something similar that would work with WordPress. This gave way to become TWITTERBOT – a WordPress plugin.


WordPress is an amazing web publication tool. We have used it for so many projects. So this was the remit.

“RoundTeam automates the task of searching and sharing Tweets while allowing greater control, including source, type of content, frequency, hashtags of interest, and more.”

Round Team

When we checked in with the API for Twitter we found a superb list of features accessible. LINK HERE.

Game on. We had greater control, including source, type of content, hashtags of interest sorted.

The frequency we weren’t clear on, but assumed that we should be able to control how old tweets are we select for RT, and how often we want to fire the RT requests. We also had to tell the bot how many RTs it should do for every individual bot it fires.

So far so good. These functions worked amazingly well. In WordPress 😉

Spam Queens – Terms & Users

As always, no one mentioned all the SPAM and tag abusers in the world. 🙂

We had to create a way to control on a ‘bigger’ scale what we want to block from RETWEETS and WHO we want to block as well.

If you read the post on TWITTERBOT itself there are more screen grabs available, but suffice to say we created 3 locations where you can address both these issues.

That deal with, we checked out the next section of the remit.

User Access – Coupon Magic

Little bit more on the Round Team site.

“RoundTeam also allows for a secure experience, because a company Twitter account can be shared among multiple contributors without divulging the account password. ”

Back to the drawing board. Multiple users must be able to ‘inject’ queries in a live environment without any login details of main account.

We developed a solution with a basic form submission to inject any dynamic Twitter query – and giving users individual access with a coupon code each.

You should read INJECT QUERY to get the specs. 😉

DISCLAIMER : Square Team

We are not round. We are square. And round pegs don’t fit.

So don’t stick around and expect some similar service like the ROUND TEAM guys do.

We just like to mess around and make things with WordPress. 😉