War. Defending your country. If the history teaches us one thing, people kill people when other people try and take their land. A second thing we can learn is that this has always happened. Looks like it will still be the same in the future.

Luckily I live in Wales. This relatively small country has a rich military history. From castles to remembrance monuments and proud regiments. The domain POPPY WALES is something that I am doing some research on but would love to get started before then end of 2016. It’s a bit more complex to think that a ‘directory of data’ can be utilized as a toolbox for social awareness. But I think this can be very comfortably achieved.

The Forgotten Soldier

For whatever reason someone decides to join the military they all share the same fate. The disciplined ethos of their environment forces decision to engage the enemy not as their own to make. They but follow the orders and get involved with whatever reason is used to start a war. And so these men and women, our soldiers get into harms way.

As these soldiers get injured or return to civvie street for a ‘normal life’ quite unsurprisingly some of them get into ‘difficulty’. I was very taken with how well the fallen get honoured in Britain. This is not similar to what I grew up with in South Africa. What I still can’t believe is how lacking the support is for ex forces. Some guy suffers from PTSD but ends up homeless somewhere in a slum, drinking himself to death.

Not arguing the semantics, but that just doesn’t seem right to me.

If someone is brave enough to serve their country in that disciplined environment to follow orders without fail, they should not be forgotten soldiers if they carry the scars of the freedom I enjoy. But my fairy godmother never gave me any wishes.

Practical Awareness – InfoBot

So I have some skills to find data. And some ways to publish data in a structured way to sign post people to relevant information. That’s where I have started and collated a number of web links and organisation details in Wales, United Kingdom.

What data I hear you ask ? 🙂

Went looking for organisations that have a focus on supporting ex forces with whatever. There are quite a few scattered around Wales, believe it or not. I have some more details on statutory organisations which offers some level of support in general terms as well. I would think that given a period to add some data it would be a good useful collation of information for ex forces.

Of course I know some people as well that is much more connected than I am in the ‘Forces’ circle so I can make as comprehensive as possible database.

Mapping Wales History

Pretty sure I can integrate a bit of Welsh ‘history’ into the same frame as well. Couple of custom post types which both will have limited data available. The data is readily available and even the geo locations not associated with post codes in the UK will be easy to find manually.

As I always create some ‘advertising spaces’ on the HOSHTOKOLOSH theme we use, this domain shouldn’t be any different. But we won’t use GOOGLE ADSENSE for this domain. I think the whole profile of the domain needs to be about awareness and information.

Not getting involved in all the politics & semantics of war.

Just the Forgotten Soldiers. That’s the focus.