HoshTokolosh is not quite ready for release yet but we have made some progress in finalizing some elements of the WordPress theme already. Nothing is FINAL yet, but you will get some ideas of what is coming to your server soon.

Having used a multitude of WordPress themes over the years it was imperative that we allow as much flexibility and options as possible. Even when it comes to the page navigation, we have already started with the backend allowing for some dynamic options. Let me run through some screen shots of where we are currently set.

Page Navi – Start Here

Simple to create that custom page navigation you require on any template view. Below, just to make this post, I created a LIST VIEW page navigation option. Simple to add more specific navigation options. Just add one more!

Page Navigation Hosh Tokolosh

Doesn’t look like anything much ? Of course not. Click on the view to expand and see next section.

Level Up – Settings

These are some of the current options available. More to follow.

Page Navigation Control Hosh Tokolosh

These options are available as an ADD ON – a plugin that connects with the HOSH TOKOLOSH theme.

Now In Development – September 2016

All the available options has some functionality attached already, but we have some additional options and flexibility we still want to add. Although it looks promising at this stage there is more to follow. I mean elements like breadcrumbs and next / previous posts still need to be added and configured into a control element.

The HOSH TOKOLOSH theme is currently in development, with only little snatches shared here as we progress. Keeping things interesting and all that.

If you are a developer or WordPress fanatic that would like to keep up with developments and be notified when theme is fully ready for release you should visit HOSH TOKOLOSH WordPress theme page and sign up for release notification. You can do that HERE !!