Know me long enough to remember North Wales Directory ? Let me tell you a secret. It started with an experiment to test some Social Media integration into a WEB DIRECTORY FRAMEWORK. It was NEVER a planned incursion into the delight which is digital in Wales. Or the lack thereof as I subsequently discovered. And look how well it turned out.

Some 18 months ago I started a Twitter account called NORTH WALES DIRECTORY. It’s a long story, but having only recently re activating an old friend I thought it only fair to pay some homage in how much this experiment has had an impact on my life, the development of some digital products and meeting countless amazing new people. Oh, some idiots too 😉

Let Me Test Twitter Quickly

Famous last words to my good friend ROBIKA in February 2015. Let’s test Twitter before we launch the South Africa Directory framework again. It won’t take long. I won’t get distracted. Yeah sure.

We bought a domain and added our WordPress Directory framework to it back in the start of 2015. Created a Twitter account and set up some analytics to measure what we are about to test. It went amazing, so we set up a couple of additional frames and accounts to cross measure the results on a couple of domains. But that is a story for another day. Let’s keep it in North Wales.

Forgetting the domain for a minutes, and all of the 600 odd listings we created to fluff the domain a bit – it became apparent quite quickly that whilst we have nothing to sell, the LOCATION tag on social media carried a lot of opportunity and we wanted to ‘investigate’.

Fast forward some months, and with the support of nearly 100 digital assistants across the length and width of my beloved Wales …. the future of some digital products look really colourful. Thanks all to the unwilling participant which is Wales 😉

The TWITTER handle, as well as the name soon changed to become WALES DIRECTORY. The foundation which has driven all of the development. All from North Wales. And a Twitter account. 🙂

The original NORTH WALES DIRECTORY twitter account in the interim has been changed to the one listed below 🙂


It had to be done.

After deciding to change TWITTER names I had to use a new account to re name NorthWalesDirec. This account stayed dormant until last week, when I decided to add a TWITTERBOT on this account and automate a North Wales data feed. I even said so in the profile 😉

North Wales Diectory

And we are live …. in the matrix 😉

Karma – Things Happen – Follow The Leads

What started for me as an experiment, and following the amazing response you can generate from Twitter specifically – some mad opportunities have been created.

Needless to say I am not ‘killing off’ the Wales project at all. Just need to mind shift to find the positive energy and enthusiasm to do battle with the mind set in Wales.

The rest of 2016 is pretty backed up, but I am ‘harvesting the data’ as they say, and will return to come and add some value to this project in the future.

At least I can safely say that on 2016 I have found my EPIC. Go figure 😉