Social Enterprise. I have often thought that Social Enterprise is a con in the UK. Funding seems to be available to all kinds of projects that offer no feasible outcome, especially as far as the enterprise aspect go.

Addressing social causes however doesn’t need an enterprise attached to it to raise awareness, or indeed offer some support. Especially if the intervention into pro actively supporting a social issue can leave some form of education behind it – kind of help the cause to help itself. In my attempts to become more active to support the third sector in Wales I ran into someone at an organisation in North Wales that needed a little help to get something done.

Little Help From Friends

They needed to create an easy to manage web presence where the essence will be data collection. Regardless the semantics as I understood the concept was discussed but getting something to work wasSocial Enterpise Friends more complex. I didn’t want to sit and create the website for them, as it would require me to do the updates and manage any data submitted via their portal.

So we discussed it and in a day managed to get the outline of what was required setup. A second day followed and I ‘trained’ a new webmaster on how to manage the site, collate the data and how to create some visual changes he wanted to see.

Visually I can see designers frown, but in the end it was about collating data and become self sufficient.

And that bit got nailed.

Everything Is Possible

The website serves as a social panel feedback tool. I have no idea which individuals, organisations or charities benefit or even use this domain. That is beside the point I believe. I think the fact that the ‘client’ in this case took the bull by the horns and self created the framework they require is commendable.

The site itself is pretty standard on a free WordPress theme and we offer some free web hosting and domain name renewal. The ‘beauty’ of having followed this approach is that the client has a better idea of how quick, affordable and using your own skills it can be to get something online. Mission achieved I would say.

North Wales Self Help


In addition, the last thing that needs mentioning is that the client didn’t just make this site once. In order to comply with legislation in my beloved Wales the domain had to be translated to Welsh. Or let me re phrase that – the Welsh had to be translated to English. 😉

Let’s hope that the client gets some new ideas and move forward with what they have self discovered.

Free The Web !