Mama Africa. In the end, the circle is complete. In more ways than is obvious I might add. Near the end of 2016 and looking forward to digging back into the Southern Africa I left behind some 16 years ago. Whilst I know things change, in Africa it goes slower. Except the years. They pass just as fast.

It took some time to find a suitable opportunity to return with a digital project to Africa. So unexpectedly 2016 turned into that year and with a lot of work already done, it looks like the start of 2017 will be that. Land ahoy !

Let me work through the main ‘portal’ and some of the sub sites which is in progress. It will all make sense. If maybe.

Mama Africa BUZZ

We use one domain as a portal where we will list all of the projects, trials and experimental ideas from SA locality through this portal.

Whatever is pursued will go elsewhere. What ever isn’t will die here. 😉

Currently it features a shop, with some ideas taking shape in December 2016.

Secondly, we have an idea where education & social enterprise form the foundation. Let’s explore.

But that’s not all.

We have a domain with some good data ready to go, and is in the final process of finalizing 10k posts – or web urls 😉

This will take at least till January 2017, so relax eh.

The WEB DIRECTORY SOUTHERN AFRICA domain will connect our SOCIAL MEDIA framework and start with a pro active publishing regime in 2017. We will just LIST local business web links. Simple.

You can get some more details here.

But that’s not all.

We have a secondary domain name ready to start with a SOCIAL MEDIA & MAP project, taking directory to a different level – and location.

And by location we aim to show how townships and ‘off the grid’ business locations could benefit and help themselves without even having the need for a web site. Ever.

You should read SOUTH AFRICA DIRECTORY for some background details.

But that’s not all.

We have a TWITTER framework set up. We have a FACEBOOK framework set up. And we have ‘trained’ our first ‘local agent’.

There are lots of content on THIS BLOG regarding TWITTER TOOLS and SOCIAL MEDIA.

We migrate these from Europe, to Africa now. 😉

There will be a new BLOG STYLE domain somewhere in 2017, where you can change channels for Africa.

The Cozy Joker domain will be an interesting read for sure, especially when pushing the boundaries of the ROBOTS on SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS.

But that’s not all.

We have a couple of R&D projects for expansion which we are currently doing some data mining.

Of course it’s confidential. So unless you have a password, this is where we stop. 😉