The WordPress Tabs Plugin is a plugin that will fit on any WordPress theme. It was however developed with our own WP THEME HOSHTOKOLOSH in mind. The first TAB I wish to explain a bit more about, is something that is a specific DYNAMIC element for specifically our theme.

Any WP theme can replicate the process, but my explanation will focus on the ability to create these ‘custom tabs’ and templates using OBJECTS in our WP THEME.

I am sure you will ‘get’ the concept from this.

Simplicity redefined

Whatever data you can wish to group together you might want to create a custom mini template in a tab. Of course, not everybody wants to do the same thing.

Using HOSHTOKOLOSH with our new OBJECT function, it couldn’t be simpler.

To illustrate the easiest process in creating an object I have used some inline styling. As I detail the WORDPRESS TABS plugin on release I will explain the settings and additional options in detail.

Screengrab below. The current INTRO TAB as an OBJECT.


Quick glance in the object settings there is some additional options to filter by devices, and use the OBJECT in pre defined multi layered objects.

Screengrabs below.

Object Devices

Allows you to create MULTIPLE objects for same data and focus on mobile display as a niche design.

WordPress Tabs Plugin

I will detail all these settings when I release the plugin and tutorial / guide. This should just serve as some background information.

Every object you create (HOSHTOKOLOSH WP THEME) will create a new unique short code.


Following the same principle, and using a plugin that can create shortcodes for use in any WP theme you can make these ‘custom’ tabs from any data, and design the layout as you wish.

EXAMPLE : THIS PLUGIN can help you make shortcodes.

Creating a tab from the shortcode is simple in itself. See the screengrab below.



Of course this is merely some BACKGROUND information on the WORDPRESS TABS PLUGIN, using our live demo site POPPY WALES to illustrate ability.

When we release the plugin later in 2017 I will DETAIL all aspects.

At this stage however it should be clear that every TAB you create to use dynamically in your WP theme, regardless post type can be WHATEVER you want it to be. HTML template set to a short code and away you go.

FOOTNOTE : If the DATA required to make the shortcode work isn’t available on that specific SINGLE POST, regardless post type, there will be NO TAB. It’s that DYNAMIC mix that makes THIS plugin super amazing for publishing.