Designing a website is different than making a website functional. Not everyone gets that. Some do. This project the owner of the site took control over their own design requirements. In the backend, one developer just shifted HOSH TOKOLOSH to display what the client required. Fantastic result.

Our involvement with this fantastic looking website was focused on supporting the client to implement their CSS and to add the functionality at the back end to make this domain tick. You should visit GORJYS and explore the site, the visuals and the functionality to really appreciate how well this all came together. To make things a bit more interesting let me share some of the backend and specifically the functionality of the domain.

Events & Tickets

Simple concept. Music festival to launch the domain. The LINE UP sections is one of the changes we added to the HOSH TOKOLOSH theme. Geeks read on …

Created a custom post type for the line up. Added some functionality to allow custom fields to be used to set the opacity and colour options in the SINGLE POST but in essence set the LIST VIEW display. So once you set the CLASS custom field it is pretty simple to define a different CSS in that class on LIST VIEW front end.

All posts in the BAND custom post type has a custom field setting like below

WordPress Custom Fields

The LIST VIEW is linked, or image below.

Gorjys Custom Events

Woo Commerce Tweaks

Client wanted to use PAYPAL as a preferred gateway, but wanted to ensure the PAYPAL costs is included in every transaction.

Two screen grabs below – different amounts different check out costs.

WooCOmmerce Add Paypal Costs

[space px=20]

WooCommerce Paypal Transtaction Costs

Client wanted a ADD TO CART function on a LIST VIEW of all available ticket options.

gorjys event woocommerce add to cart