Themes. Yes. There are thousands upon thousands of themes. For every nice, every idea and every possible ‘money making’ scheme online there is a WordPress theme. Or even two. If you have a single domain, or two – not so complex. If you are managing 100s of websites for clients or yourself – it’s a huge challenge keeping everything up to date.

So we needed a theme. One size fits all. Whatever you want to do, how simple or how complex – we need just one theme to use for all clients, and all web projects. Quite a task. The result – after some work 😉 is our own WP theme called HOSH TOKOLOSH.

Not a theme as such, but a creative tools that can be adapted to fit anything.

With Hosh Tokolosh, everything is possible.

One Theme – Many Hats

The HT THEME DOMAIN will feature all the nitty gritty details once we reach release stage. At this early stage I wanted to give you a little peek under the ‘bonnet’ to get a glimpse of what we have created. There are many aspects that show promise, none more so than the introduction of an OBJECT system to create templates. These templates are assigned with an easy drag and drop feature.

Whilst it might not make an iota of sense, maybe some screen grabs will give you an insight of what is almost completed 🙂

Some Screen Grabs :

General Setup Tab

Hosh Tokolosh General Setup

Header Layers – OBJECTS DRAG & DROP

Header Objects Hosh Tokolosh

Content & Layout – only showing SINGLE POST

Hosh Tokolosh Single Post

Footer Settings

Hosh Tokolsoh Footer Settings

Sidebar Settings

Sidebar Settings Hosh Tokolosh

Import / Export

Import Export options Hosh Tokolosh

Follow The Links

We have a number of projects set up using the HOSHTOKOLOSH WP theme. You can get details by visiting the HOME PAGE.

Hosh Tokolosh Home Page