This is a nifty tool that has been included in the HOSH TOKOLOSH theme. As we will be using objects in this theme, we wanted to include an easy way to allow developers to quickly identify to individual objects. And quick links to edit and download said objects. Simplicity rules OK.

This fantastic add on was the brain child of my eccentric Hungarian friend. It has saved me hours of time to edit WordPress themes.

Whilst I still try and convince him to release a WordPress version, let me give you a quick tour of how simple theme ‘hacking’ could be.

Where Is It ?

So you install a new WordPress custom theme. The file structure is unique, and you have to trawl to find all the relevant files for elements you wish to change.

Old school.

Activated in HOSH TOKOLOSH – the default setting : OFF


So I turn it ON


The FRONT END looks like this


The LINK to VIEW object leads you to the OBJECT itself


Whilst the link to VIEW the object has a download function. EXPORT >> IMPORT – object moved.


WordPress Plugin – 2012

Back in 2012 I had a buggy version of this plugin that worked for any WordPress theme. It was a bit more limited but if I remember correctly it could :

Identify and file name where a specific ‘element’ was used – and give you a line number where the code was at.

I could get a theme ‘hacked’ in no time – saved hours.

I will ask ROBIKA what happened to that plugin and see if he will fix it for me.

It would be a great add on to offer for download.

Time is money. Time is the enemy.