Business Directory Framework was the ‘reason’ the BUSINESS DETAILS TAB saw the light of day. Believe me, if I showed you the first version some 8 years ago you would die laughing of how you can ‘hack’ WordPress with plugin combinations.

We have ‘learnt’ from using a number of plugins and crafted something we used on a number of applications.

Currently we use the details below to showcase business listings on a number of projects.

Business Details Tab

The FRONT END if the Business Details Tab displays a number of ‘details’.

See sceengrab below

Front End Details Tab


For the demo purpose this is it, but this can be changed to achieve the same ‘concept’ with whatever details required. In simple terms – an icon with details next to it, with a left floating div with featured image and a web link. It’s basic, but it works well 😉

Checking The Backend

Same story in the back – two ‘components’ required – OBJECT & TAB SHORTCODE.

Screengrab below of the OBJECT.

It’s a biggy 😉

OBJECT code for TAB

The TAB is added via a shortcode in the admin area.

Screengrab below

General Info Tab WORDPRESS TABS plugin

Submit Form

As we are creating modules to use with variable power sites in WordPress we have also created the process to turn the SUBMISSION into the actual tab.

Check the screengrab below :

Submit General Info Tab WP plugin


If we create some objects along the way this should be simple to implement in a multitude of opportunities. One day eh.