Community was at the heart of the ‘design’ behind TweetPress. The concept to create a channel which would allow all community / third sector participants to utilize the marketing ability on an ALL INCLUSIVE approach seemed an amazing opportunity to focus on the SOCIAL in SOCIAL MEDIA. So we needed a ‘SKIN’ to make it user friendly.

So I joined the local VOLUNTARY COMMUNITY and explained the setup, and created an overlay to access TWEETPRESS ability in CONWY COUNTY.

Sadly, with some staff change at their business & the lack of digital use in my beloved North Wales it was a non starter.

I leave the domain in place however, as I use it to give developers some ideas of how the system can be utilized as a full on DIGITAL MARKETING suite.


So let me run you through the submit process.

Users complete the basic SUBMIT FORM and this generates an email to the TWEETPRESS ‘gatekeeper’ **

** Of course the form data can be used to create a POST TYPE WHATEVER as well – making an event calender if you so choose.

After manual overview, this content can be scheduled on repeat through whichever variables & platforms are applicable and / or available.

Screen Grab Below

Social Media without Social

Really too obvious from the example above. Head over to TWEETPRESS (info link) and you will see all the data you require to schedule a tweet to promote the ‘community event’ is set to go.

The fact that the content is shared in a combination of other generic retweets, and a mixture of marketing tweets in specific time ‘zones’ makes opportunity amazing.

I have some analytics of TWITTER showing a new launched account with sub 300 followers after one month generated 300k+ impressions.

It’s how you use it. Know the metrics.