Blue buttons. Bloody fluff. Let me just clarify this once and I can use this as a reference for when the question is asked. I don’t do design. It’s is the part of web publishing I find the most pointless. I search for data – so I read the content. Other people want shiny. You need a DESIGNER for shiny.

It’s a basic concept of a web project. If you want a quality (and effective) solution you will need to use a combination of different ‘specialities’ to work together.

You will need someone to manage the various aspects which will give you the result you are looking for.

Do You Make WebSites ?

My 10 year old daughter can make a website. A website means nothing. You need traffic, else it serves no purpose, apart from your ego to see your logo glitter on the web.

If you are not intent on using your website to do ONLINE MARKETING and attracting traffic to increase your business – what is the point ?

To get a website working you need reliable services from a range of people (companies)

Web Hosting, Domain Name Registrar, Web Developer, Designer, Social Marketing, Digital Marketing and a Copy Writer – think that’s a good summary 🙂

A project manager would be of great advantage – tie all the elements together.

The DESIGN element is not the core of what you are developing of you want to use your website to increase business.

Countless freelance projects have all the money spent, have a logo and a colour scheme for a project and some idea of how the website will ‘function’.

It’s the wrong way around. You need to get your website FUNCTIONALITY and LAYOUT sorted before you get the graphics involved.

Image To HTML – old school

Back in the days (and today still) any decent web guy can take an image and ‘wrap’ the site functionality into a design.

In technical jargon you should read something about CSS.

This is in basic terms the ‘code’ which will make the coulours, borders, fonts and images of YOUR design fit to what your FUNCTIONALITY is.

There is a simple reason I propose you have to follow this approach.

You can get away for some time using a cheaper and basic design. You can’t get away with anything of the website isn’t functioning to deliver what your business needs.

The internet is full of LOGO rich and COLOUR SCHEME designed websites without traffic. It looks great, but there ain’t visitors.

Consider A Broker

If someone just wants to grab my deposit and ‘design’ my website I would run. Fast.

On the other hand, someone which at least gives me a holistic opinion and covers all the bases I know what I am letting myself in for.

Find your “web guy” – someone you can trust – and work with them through the process of getting the specialists involved where your “web guy” doesn’t have the skills.

I have said my bit. I just wanted to finish off with saying I don’t make the images, the design bit.

But I know people that do 😉

See, it’s that simple really.