Extending functionality in WordPress the easy way. Adding additional POST TYPES and TAXONOMIES offers a unique opportunity to enhance WP. Beyond blogging.

It was a requirement, not a luxury to have this additional ‘expansion’ on tap in the HOSH TOKOLOSH theme we are developing. The only question was how to manage this.

Luckily my HUNGARIAN CONNECTION understands the dynamics and how to add functionality allowing the user to control this with an intuitive and easy platform.

Let me share the current situation below.


So in the backend WP admin a section for HT CONTENT TYPES – where you will find a simple way to add anew post types, create new taxonomies and set these dynamically to work with whichever post type.

Hosh Tokolosh Post Types

That’s it. No headaches.

Of course now the ‘visuals’ will have to come into play. Some dynamic options added for you to define.

Styling Single & Archive Views

In the THEME ADMIN panel you will find the CONTENT & LAYOUT section, where all the theme template files will be dynamically added, both single view & archive view.

You can adjust the settings & create a custom template [object] to suit.

Screen grab below.

Template Settings Post Types

We are making progress at least. I will update this BLOG as and when ….