Big Free List. One of those domain names which leaves a lot of flexibility in what you ultimately do on that site. Here is the plan. And where we are currently up to !

As we have completed working our web directory framework to publish ‘power directory’ sites using WordPress it is time to spread our wings a bit and get a couple of these sites up and running. The approach is two fold – developing publishing frameworks for niche keyword sets and of course promote and market the tools we have created for WordPress.

Runs On Petrol

Initially I used a domain name which had a famous BRAND NAME, but after dealing with the legal repercussions (and the rude approach from said BRAND NAME) I had to let that domain go. You would think that I would learn from this and choose a different topic to work with. But I am stubborn.

In the interim we started a TWITTER account that could start the initial research to see which #BigData we can find (for free) online. The topic we are interested in for this domain can be summarized as AUTOMOTIVE. The current TWITTER account is set on fully automated using some of our own TWITTER TOOLS. It is not looking for anything much more than collating information (RTs) from anything that involves TRANSPORT.

Cars, motorcycles, trucks, racing, boats & even aeroplanes will do.

This is where we currently stand on Twitter :

Auto Directory

So I am a bit of a petrolhead I know. Currently busy with a couple of my own ‘petrol’ projects and of course spend some time to research and find places to source custom parts. Not always finding something 30 years old eh. 😉 These links are what I intend to slowly build up to suit my own future projects.

But there is always more than one reason.

Some years ago we became involved with a custom remit from USA to create a sidebar filer function for specifically a second hand car seller website. It was crude in those years, but we managed to ‘hack’ this into position. It’s still working as well. LOL

Once the domain BIGFREELIST has reached a couple of thousand listings (maybe a year) I will revisit this project and create that filter system as a plugin.

Expect a post shortly after THIS blog opens to ask my colleague ROBIKA to put the post types and filters in place. It will be a simple FREE LINK DIRECTORY. Anything and everything AUTOMOTIVE can be listed. At that stage we will activate and add TWITTERBOT to the social media platforms already created. Not going into all the details at this stage, but we will be focusing on TWITTER (of course) and also using a newly developed FACEBOT to add FACEBOOK as a platform.

Watch THIS space and THESE profiles. Somewhere 2017 to be active.




This is a 2017 project, maybe even 2018. Just a quick post to mention and will update the development in THIS BLOG.