Using an API to automate some of the processes on a Social Media platform doesn’t come without risks and issues. On the contrary, it can be quite challenging to get your data feeds cleaned up. Fortunately even the backend API allows some options to create lists of users and terms which can be ‘blocked’ from automated engagement.

With this in mind we crafted the TWITTERBOT engines and framework to have elements of dynamic control. Initially we started with a space on individual bots to list what we wanted to ‘block’. Too much work load. So we added a list within the plugin framework, basic text file. Still too much work. We left these two options in place but added a third option to make life a bit easier. Centralized block list management for users and terms. Let me explain.

3438 – Numbers Matter

For some years I have kept this domain 3438 (yes, numbers matter) as a text domain where most everything and anything has been tested on. As I can continue to do this on sub folders on the domain I used the root of the domain, with free WordPress theme and tools to create a file repository for the various engines and TWITTERBOT projects we are busy with. It doesn’t look like much, granted, but it is in the backend where this domain now forms an essential part of our TWITTERBOT and indeed future project FACEBOT.

The concept is simple. Inject a query with API to search TWITTER and retweet. But before you do, check the file destination for blacklisted terms and / or users and DO NOT retweet their content.

Regardless of the effectiveness of this process, there are still new words, terms and users which appear through the cracks. It is especially the case with SEX related content. For some reason it seems every escort from here to the ends of the earth have no issue with posting a picture of them naked with a hashtag for the location where they operate from. Nothing is free from porn. Fact.

But we are on top of this situation, having even started an ADULT channel to harvest the names and terms that is appearing most frequently in the #BigData available. Kinda turning the ‘enemy’ on itself.

How Does It Work ? Simple !

Every framework we create can get a single, or even multiple options to create unique block lists. Looking at BIG FREE DIRECTORY as an example we created these two files, and used the standard and basic WordPress media file manager to upload files. Create a page, which is password protected (once again default WordPress) and list the files here, as well as dynamically add the last time / date it was updated.

Screen grabs below, password protected and password entered.

Blacklist API management

TwitterBot API Blacklist Management

If I now allow 20 TWITTER accounts with their associated TWITTERBOT function pointing to this single file, it allows for ALL of these accounts to block the same accounts from free ReTweets. Pretty useful in North Wales if you have ever met a guy called Dave Turpin.

FREE WordPress Plugin Saves The Day

The ‘challenge’ to maintain this environment was how to keep updating the text files with the block lists and terms without logging on to the server every time you wish to update a file. We started working on a ‘system’ but a quick search revealed a solution which was not only already made, it was also free to download in the WordPress repository.

Enter the ninja 🙂

Found this really USEFUL plugin for text file management specifically. It is called ENABLE MEDIA REPLACE.

Really simple to use and works from the WP ADMIN console. I just add the new terms / user names to respective files, call the file anything and upload / replace the existing file from WP ADMIN.

The PLUGIN uploads the file and replaces the OLD file with the NEW file, whilst renaming it in the process.

For a start this system is working, although we will still hve to address a process t allow MULTIPLE users to access the files, add new data WITHOUT the need to log in to WP ADMIN either.

I will update THIS blog as and when we make progress with that challenge 🙂


The ability to BLOCK users from free RETWEETS is NOT to exclude people, even digital marketing agencies is welcome to USE our frameworks and FREE services.

If, on the other hand, users choose to ABUSE this FREE service, we will BLOCK you across ALL our platforms in minutes.

Let’s work together. USE not ABUSE.

Play nice. We will too.